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Longford County Council – New Cathaoirligh –  June 2020 – June 2021

Cathaoirligh and Leas Cathaoirligh elected at 2020 Annual Meetings.

Longford County Council

Annual Meeting held on 26th June 2020.

Cathaoirleach  – Councillor Paul Ross.

Leas Cathaoirleach – Councillor Turlough McGovern.

Granard Municipal District

Annual Meeting held on 23rd June 2020

Cathaoirleach – Councillor Garry Murtagh

Leas Cathaoirleach – Councillor Turlough McGvern

Ballymahon Municipal District

Annual Meeting held on 18th June 2020.

Cathaoirleach – Councillor Colm Murray.

Leas Cathaoirleach – Councillor Mick Cahill.

Longford Municipal District

Annual Meeting held on  24th June 2020

Cathaoirleach – Councillor Peggy Nolan

Leas Cathaoirleach – Councillor Uruemu Adejinmi

Vision for Community Wellbeing in County Longford

County Longford has beautiful natural resources which are sustained, valued and protected. It is rich in history, values, culture and traditions and is inclusive of all people supporting community participation and volunteerism. It has adequate services, supports, facilities, infrastructure and a thriving diverse economy.

Granard Municipal District has an outstanding natural environment with a strong inclusive community that values its history, culture and traditions while being open to others. The active partnership of the community and statutory structures ensures a high quality of life. There is appropriate housing for all people with access to community spaces, services and support. The thriving economy enables the community to live in dignity.

Ballymahon Municipal District includes the Shannon and Inny Rivers, Royal Canal, Corelea Bog, areas of natural beauty. This district values community participation and volunteerism. It promotes physical and mental health, adequate services and supports for all including carers. It has a thriving, diverse economy with appropriate and affordable housing for all.

Longford Municipal District is open, accessible and inclusive regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or ability. Its governance structures engage transparently and effectively with the community when developing policies and projects.

The Longford MD supports the quality of life and ongoing physical and mental health of the community through the provision of appropriate housing, services, supports, facilities and education for everyone. Community action is recognised and valued. Renewable energy is developed to sustain the community. There are clean waterways and rivers and the Longford section of the Royal Canal is re-opened and accessible to all. Longford MD is a centre of employment and tourism opportunities for the whole county.