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What is the PPN Secretariat?

The PPN Secretariat is a nine member voluntary committee elected by PPN member groups to act on their behalf in between County Plenary Meetings.

The Purpose of the PPN Secretariat

The purpose of Longford PPN Secretariat is to administer the day to day running of the PPN, facilitate decisions and coordinate activities of the PPN

Membership of the PPN Secretariat

The PPN Secretariat is made up of one representative from each of the Municipal Districts and an equal number of representatives from each of the Colleges of the PPN.

  • 2 Community & Voluntary Representatives
  • 2 Social Inclusion Representatives
  • 2 Environmental Representatives
  • 1 Area Representative from the Longford Municipal District
  • 1 Area Representative from the Granard Municipal District
  • 1 Area Representative from the Ballymahon Municipal District

The Role of the PPN Secretariat

The role of the PPN Secretariat is to:

  • Facilitate the implementation of the decisions of the Plenary
  • Act as representatives of the PPN. Where the PPN is invited to events and functions, the Secretariat attend as representatives of the PPN
  • Coordinate activities of PPN
  • Communicate extensively and regularly with all PPN Members and in the process disseminate information concerning all PPN activities as widely as possible
  • Oversee the participation of PPN Representatives on their respective committees and ensure a reporting mechanism is in place to feedback to the wider PPN, including the facilitation of Linkage Groups
  • Manage the resource worker who will be provided to the PPN at a county level to enable them in delivering their objectives
  • Oversee the registration of organisations
  • Lead the development and achievement of a PPN Well-being Statement for County Longford
  • Oversee financial accounts of the PPN, including a financial report at every Secretariat meeting and financial reports back to Government Departments
  • Convene a minimum of two plenary meetings per year