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Public Survey re Digital and ICT Strategy

Have your say on digital local government

Local government is developing a new Digital and ICT Strategy.

We would like to understand how you currently use digital and online services and how you’d like to use digital local government services in future.

A survey has been developed to help better understand the needs of the public and businesses.  The findings from the survey will be used to inform the new Strategy.

Your views will help us to:

  • Deliver better online local government services
  • Plan for the future of digital and ICT in local government
  • Understand what works well for members of the public or businesses
  • Understand where we need to do more to help people to use and access online local government services


Please complete the survey online at

The survey will close on 11th August 2023

New Bus Route 426 Longford to Roscommon

Click here for new Bus Route 426 Longford to Roscommon

Opening Coffee Morning Ardnacassa Community House, Longford 28th July

New Triple P Workshops August 2023

Triple P Discussion Group Workshop

(for parents of children 0-12 years)

Developing good bedtime routines Click here


Longford Library Online

Information on Longford Library Online:

Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t look like its improving anytime soon and the school holidays are still stretching ahead.  If you’re looking for something we think you will be interested in what our colleagues in Longford Library have to offer.

It’s something  you can enjoy from your favourite armchair, your garden or even your bed!!   You can take part whatever the weather and you don’t need any specialist gear or equipment.

Did you know you can join your Longford Library for free?  All you need to do is complete the online application form , take it to your local branch to complete your registration and start enjoying many online services 24/7 completely free of charge

  •       eBooks and eAudiobooks – BorrowBox is an online eBook and eAudiobook service that allows Library members to download items on to their devices
  • eMagazines –  Libby, by Overdrive offers  Library members full-colour, interactive, digital magazines.  You can download publications from a variety of genres including current affairs, politics, fashion, technology, travel, hobbies … and much more!
  • eNewspapers – PressReader is an online news-stand that provides  Library members with access to thousands of the world’s most popular newspapers and magazines, including Irish titles
  •       Comic Plus:  With Comics Plus®, through Library Pass, library readers have unlimited access to thousands of digital comics, graphic novels, and manga from popular publishers all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Moshi: The latest free online resource from Longford Libraries. Moshi is an award-winning app for children supporting active play and stories that inspire fun and exploration#
  • Transparent Languages: offers interactive and engaging courses on over 120 languages



Reading  has so many benefits for our Health and Wellbeing, including  improving our mood, reducing stress and improving sleep so why not Click Here   Online Library and eResources  and see for yourself


HER Outdoors 2023

 “Longford Sports Partnership are excited are excited to announce HER Outdoors Week, a remarkable event aimed at celebrating and encouraging female participation in outdoor activities. This initiative aims to bring visibility to the incredible opportunities available for females to get involved in outdoor physical activity while embracing the numerous benefits that come with it.

HER Outdoors Week is a chance for us to come together as a community and support each other in exploring the great outdoors. We want to encourage every member of our team to join us and experience the joy, adventure, and empowerment that outdoor activities can bring.”

Tickets can be purchased here:

Dates/Times/Locations are as follows:

Monday 14th:

  • 5pm – 6.30pm: African Dance

Location: Longford Sports & Leisure

Tuesday 15th:

  • 5pm – 7pm: Horse Riding

Location: Mosstown Stables, Kenagh

Wednesday 16th:

  • 5.30pm – 6.30pm: Yoga

Location: Longford Sports & Leisure

Thursday 17th:

  • 10.30am – 12.30pm: Paddleboarding

Location: Branningan Harbour, Ballymahon

Friday 18th:

  • 1pm – 2pm: Tennis

Location: Longford Tennis Club, Longford

  • 6pm – 8pm: Golf Range

Location: Longford Golf Club, Longford

Saturday 19th:

  • 11am – 1pm: Canoeing

Location: Lebeen, Aughnacliffe, Longford

Sunday 20th:

  • 11am – 1pm: Kayaking

Location: Brannigan Harbour, Ballymahon

Free Literacy Friendly Course

The brand new Becoming literacy friendly course is now available for free on Learn with NALA.

The Becoming literacy friendly course is a free, one-hour, self-directed course.

In the course you will;

  • Hear from people who have made changes in their workplace to make it more literacy friendly;
  • Find out what the benefits are from both the staff and service user perspective; and
  • Hear about practical tips on how to communicate more effectively and learn about using plain English.

As workers and volunteers in the community and voluntary sector, we all know people who may not feel confident in their literacy skills.

Some people find form filling overwhelming. Others shy away from taking part in groups or short courses. They might be afraid of being asked to read out loud or to write something. Others are uncomfortable asking questions. This means important questions about health and other important issues are left unanswered.

Literacy is everybody’s business. We all have a role to play in building literacy friendly services, organisations and communities.

This course is the second of two courses in NALA’s Literacy Awareness online series. The first course is Understanding adult literacy, numeracy and digital literacy.

We recommend both courses for existing staff and volunteers and as a part of an induction process for new volunteers and staff.

We thank the literacy ambassadors and others who were interviewed for these courses and shared their experiences.

Summer Camps

At our recent Community Forum it was agreed that LCC would collate details of any Summer Camps being organised in Longford town and county that may be of interest to Ukrainian children and young adults over the coming months. Can you send details to and he will collate and share with Anna in LCRL.

Update Register of Electors

In October 2022 the Electoral Reform Act 2022 was passed and as a result the electoral registration process has changed. Even if you are already registered, you now need to add your PPSN, date of birth and Eircode. This allows local authorities to confirm your details and help to ensure the accuracy of the electoral register. As part of the process change has been updated and relaunched to facilitate electors to register and update their details as easily as possible.

The Longford Franchise section are continually working to improve the accuracy of the County Longford’s register. They are currently attempting to reach out to as many community groups as possible to offer information sessions on the changes to the registration process, to show people how easy it is to now register or update your details, and to register those who would like to do so.

If your group would be interested in having the Franchise Team deliver an information session on registering to vote and using to your group, or if you are running any community events where it would be appropriate for them to attend or have a table/stall they would love to hear from you.

The Franchise team are happy to provide any additional information you might require about the sessions, and they can work with you to deliver the content in the most appropriate way for your group.

You can contact them by email or by phoning Aisling on 043 334 4224 or Fiona on 043 3343507. They look forward to hearing from you.

2023 County Plenary Meeting

Members are cordially invited to the first 2023 County Plenary Meeting of the PPN which will be held in Longford Library.

Meeting details:

Date: 9th May 2023
Time: 7.30pm – 9pm
Form: Longford Library

RVSP: Before 5th May 2023

County Longford Public Participation Network (PPN) was established as part of the Local Government Reform Act 2014. Its main function is to act as the link through which Longford County Council and other decision-making bodies connect with the Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental Interest sectors.

590 community groups across the County are currently registered with the County Longford PPN.

2023 PPN County Plenary Meeting

You are cordially invited to the first PPN County Plenary Meeting in Longford library on Tuesday 9th May @ 7.00pm

Join us to receive important information and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Tess Murphy, PPN Secretariat will chair the meeting and Breda Greaves will give an update on the PPN Workplan 2023.

Our guest speakers include:

  • Barbara Heslin, Director of Service Longford County Council
  • Bernard Shea, Senior Engineer Environment
  • Karen Reilly, Multicultural Facilitator
  • Maria Keelty, PPN Disability Rep

Please pass this information on to all your group members.

You will then be invited to enjoy refreshments with an opportunity to network with other member groups.

Click to open meeting agenda

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Breda at

We hope you join us on Tuesday 9th May @ 7pm.

CLÁR Funding 2023

Longford County Council in conjunction with the Department of Rural and Community Development invites Schools, Community & Voluntary Groups and Local Development Companies to apply for funding under the CLÁR 2023 Programme.

Measure 1 (M1): Developing Community Facilities & Amenities

Completed application forms under Measure 1 and supporting documentation should be emailed to by 4pm on Friday, 12 May 2023.

Late applications will not be accepted.

For Details, M1 Application Form, M1 Scheme Outline and CLÁR Maps please see CLÁR Programme – LongfordCoCo

Measure 2 (M2): Mobility, Cancer Care and Community First Responders Transport and
Measure 3 (M3): “Our Islands”

Applications under Measures 2 and 3 should be submitted directly to the Department. Find more information on them at

Heart of the Community Fund 2023

The Ireland Funds recognises the challenges organisations face in securing funding to build their capacity or meet their core costs, so the Heart of the Community Fund 2023 will provide Organisational Investment Grants with a fund of at least €500,000. The 2023 grant round designed to meet the needs of not-for-profit organisations delivering vital services and supports to people across the island of Ireland.

Priorities of the Fund

  • Facilitating re-engagement with Education & Learning (both formal & informal)
  • Building Community Resilience
  • Designing & Delivering Grassroots Peace & Reconciliation Activities
  • Protecting & Promoting the Arts
  • Supporting Local Solutions to Global Challenges

Closing date is Tuesday 9th May and this link has an information video, application guidelines, FAQs and other relevant information.

CLÁR Funding 2023

Please note applications for CLAR Funding 2023 are now open. Closing date for Measure 1 is by 4pm on Friday 12th May

Longford County Council in conjunction with the Department of Rural and Community Development invites Schools, Community & Voluntary Groups and Local Development Companies to apply for funding under the CLÁR 2023 Programme.

Measure 1 (M1): Developing Community Facilities & Amenities

Completed application forms under Measure 1 and supporting documentation should be emailed to by 4pm on Friday, 12 May 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.

For Details, M1 Application Form, M1 Scheme Outline and CLÁR Maps please see CLÁR Programme – LongfordCoCo

Measure 2 (M2): Mobility, Cancer Care and Community First Responders Transport and
Measure 3 (M3): “Our Islands”

Applications under Measures 2 and 3 should be submitted directly to the Department. Find more information on them at

Reminder Community Grant Support Scheme 2023

Longford County Council invites online applications under the Community Grant Support Scheme 2023.

The online application and Terms & Conditions are available on our webpage

The online application must be completed by the Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer of the Community Group.

Closing date for submission of online applications is by 4pm on Thursday, 27 April 2023.

Late applications will NOT be accepted.

For any queries, please email or call (043) 3343313 / 3343472.

March eBulletin Available

Our March eBulletin is now available. Click here to access it.

LEADER Programme Community Consultations

Leader Consultation Events Dates & Locations

FREE open day at REVAMP

Longford PPN and Longford Civil Defense Ukrainian Appeal

As you are all aware the Ukrainian people need our help and support in these devastating and harrowing times due to the unprovoked attack on their country by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Longford PPN and Longford Civil Defence are now launching an appeal for emergency items, non-perishable foods, animal food and toiletries. (Items listed below).

We would not be able to do this without the kind support of our Partners and dedicated drop off points:

  • Lús na Greine Family Resource Centre, Granard
  • Bridgeways Resource Centre, Ballymahon
  • Longford Women’s Link (training room)

Donations will be collected from the above depots at various intervals by Emma Reid and the Civil Defence team, itemised, recorded and stored in their store room. I have spoken with Green Speed and Dublin WOSP and a collection date will be finalised over the coming weeks. All donations will be transported to the Polish Red Cross.

Our thoughts are with Ukrainian people everywhere, our Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovakian and Romanian residents in County Longford and their countries who have stepped up and opened their doors to Ukrainian refugees. County Longford will continue to support you

Kind Regards,


Emergency Items Required

  • • Disposable gloves and face masks
  • • Sterile dressings
  • • First aid bands with dressings
  • • Corn removal plasters
  • • Bandages: regular and elastic
  • • Powerbanks, USB charging cables
  • • Battery operated flashlights
  • • Batteries
  • • Painkillers (paracetamol)

Non- Perishable Foods

  • Canned Food/ Non-perishable food
  • Cereals
  • Dry Rations (flour,milk food, pulses, rice, pasta, spices, sugar etc.)
  • Tea/ Coffee
  • Chocolate bars

Animal Food

  • Dog Food
  • Cat Food


  • Toothpaste
  • Tooth Brushes
  • Sanitary products
  • Shower Gel
  • Baby products (nappies, wipes, creams etc.)

County Longford PPN Municipal District Plenary Meetings March 2022

The PPN Secretariat are delighted to invite you and your group members to your plenary meeting in your municipal district.

  • Tues 8th March @ 7pm sharp, Granard Library           
  • Wed 9th March @7pm sharp, Ballymahon Library        
  • Thurs 10th March @7pm sharp, Longford Arms Hotel (small ballroom)

At the meeting, you will hear about the PPN work plan and take part in the Local Community Safety Partnership (LCSP) workshop which will be facilitated by the LCSP Coordinator, Janine Bartley.

The concept of community safety is about people being safe and feeling safe in their own community. Ireland is generally regarded as a safe country, with relatively low crime rates and a general feeling of safety and security.

However, the LCSP recognise that this is not the case in every section of the community and that people from disadvantaged areas or backgrounds, from vulnerable groups (such as older people, LGBTQI+, ethnic minorities) can have a different experience of  ‘safety’ in their community.

The LCSP (previously the Joint Policing Committee) is responsible for developing a tailored and prioritised local community safety plan for Longford in conjunction with both community and public services.

We want to build the capacity of local residents to help them to engage meaningfully in the Local Community Safety Partnership and grow local community leadership and participation.

Longford LCSP has identified 5 broad themes to develop the Community Safety Plan. There are lots of sub-topics that come under each theme so priorities can be identified. We want to know what you think the LCSP should focus on when developing a Community Safety Plan for Longford

  1. Policing and Emergency Services

(Crime, Garda Response, Drugs related Crime, Crime Prevention)

  1. Community Engagement and Development

(Improving Longford’s Image, Capacity Building, Community-Led Initiatives, work with minority/vulnerable groups)

  1. Youth;  Prevention Initiatives & Education

(Services and projects for young people, Education supports- all types, Awareness Campaigns for drugs, social issues, supporting jobs)

  1. Public Spaces and Amenities

(Improving public areas, dereliction, public lighting, Town Centre Renewal, CCTV)

  1. Community Services and Family Supports 

(Community & State agency supports, helping people accessing services, building better collaboration)

LCSP are also running a survey as part of a public consultation to develop the Community Safety Plan. Please click on the link below to take part in the survey


Please click on the link below to read more about the LCSP project.


The meetings will close with refreshments and the PPN Spin the Wheel raffle.

Look forward to meeting you all again in person. Please share this information with your group members.

Kind Regards,

Siobhán on behalf of the Longford PPN Secretariat

Siobhán Cronogue

PPN Development Officer,

Public Participation Network

E-mail or