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What is County Longford Public Participation Network?

The County Longford Public Participation Network (PPN) is the main link through which Longford County Council and other decision making bodies connect with the community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sectors.

The main aim of the PPN is to allow the diversity of voices and interests to be facilitated and involved in the decision making process.

How is this achieved?

The PPN does this by:

  • Facilitating the election of community representatives to all Longford County Council Committees and other policy making boards and agencies.
  • Engaging, encouraging and supporting members to participate in public consultations.
  • Building strategic and collaborative relationships with decision makers.
  • Developing and implementing a vision statement for health and well-being of now and future generations.
  • Identifying issues of collective concern and working towards influencing policy to tackle these issues.
  • Acting as an information hub.

Who should join the Co. Longford PPN?

All Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental Interest groups should register with the PPN. These include but are not limited to Youth Groups, Active Age Groups, Tidy Towns, Tourism Interest Groups, Social Support Groups, Family Resource Centre’s, Sports Groups, Environmental Groups, Disability, Community Development, Resident Associations, Arts and Culture, Heritage, Wildlife and many more.

PPN Membership

County Longford Public Participation is designed to accommodate the full and diverse range of volunteer led community groups/organisations in the County. Membership is open to groups which:

  • Are active and have a postal address in County Longford
  • Operate on a not-for profit basis
  • Are volunteer led (organisations may have paid staff, but must be under voluntary control
  • Are independent i.e. not a sub-committee or subgroup of another organisation
  • Have at least five members and are open to new members
  • Have a Constitution / Set of rules / Memorandum of Understanding
  • Meet regularly
  • Be in existence for at least six months
  • Are non-party political