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Linkage Groups

Linkage Groups are the way that PPN member organisations can have a real input into policy in their area of operation. Linkage Groups bring together community groups/ organisations with a common interest to discuss their diverse views and interests in a specific area.

These groups elect PPN representatives to Boards or Committees, receive feedback from those representatives and direct their activity. They may also set policy priorities and input into consultations etc. on behalf of PPN.

This in turn helps the member organisations to gain a deeper understanding of the local policy process. It is important to note that the role of a Linkage Group is to facilitate and enable organisations to articulate a diverse range of views and interests within the local government system, not to reduce this diversity.

Facilitation of the Linkage Group is by the PPN Development Officer but as time goes on, each Linkage Group should become self-facilitating. However, the PPN Secretariat must oversee the correct functioning of the Group and that it remains open to new members. It is essential that all member groups be encouraged to participate in one or more Linkage Groups.

Example of how a Linkage Group is established:

When a vacancy for a community representative arises on a Committee/Board the request will be sent to the PPN Secretariat.

Upon approval the PPN Development Officer will notify all members groups and seek nominations for the position.

If for example twenty groups respond with an expression of interest, these twenty groups become the Linkage Group for that particular Committee/Board.

Their interest can either lie, in putting a group member forward for the vacancy or just in the topic being covered by the Committee.

The PPN Development Officer will then arrange a time and place for the Linkage Group to meet and it is the responsibility of the Linkage group members to elect the nominee who best meets the criteria and will represent not just their views but the views of all Linkage Group members.

Each Linkage Group member has one vote.

If you would like to join any of Co Longford PPN’s Linkage Groups please contact the Siobhán Cronogue, PPN Development Officer on 087 261 5583 or e-mail