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Photo Gallery

County Plenary PPN meeting – 9th May

Photos from the County Plenary PPN meeting on Tuesday 9th May in Longford Library. Speakers on the night Barbara Heslin Director of Services Longford County Council, Bernard Shea Executive Engineer, Karen Reilly Intercultural Facilitator, Maria Keelty PPN Disability Rep, Tess Murphy PPN Secretariat and Breda Greeves PPN. Topics covered – funding applications, climate action, intercultural forum updates, accessibility issues and general PPN overview. Winners on the spot prizes – Ethnic Minority Group and Abhlainn Glass Residents Association.

PPN Retreat 2023

What a great 2 day event in the Hudson Bay Hotel Athlone on 27th and 28th April with maximum attendance and a great way for all PPN staff to network.

MD Plenary

SDG Workshops